World’s most popular social networking site has turned nine today. It lunch on 4th February 2004. The Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the man who built Facebook and the other co-founders are college roommates and fellow students of Havard University, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The four initially built the service exclusively for Harvard Students, but it was soon expanded to other colleges and eventually added support for students at various other universities.
Before its public lunch it was called “”. on 4th February 2008 Zuckerberg renamed its domain as ”Facebook”.
According to Social Media Today, in April 2010 an estimated 41.6 percent of the US population had a Facebook account.
In India, Facebook has registered a growth of 132 percent this year, which is higher than other countries.
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced the launch of Graph search, which is said to be the third pillar of the Facebook ecosystem.


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