An Antivirus Software program is a Computer Program that can be used to scan files to identify and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software (Malware). So it is necessary to know whether your antivirus working properly or not. If you have doubts about the working of your antivirus, then take a simple test. You can read more notepad trick from here.
  • Open notepad and write the below code or you can download the code from here.
  • If you download the code (It is a .txt file), then save it as am2technology.exe
  • Steps for saving the file as am2technology.exe
  • Open am2technology.txt and Click on File à Save As and save it am2technology.exe

If your Antivirus works properly, the file you saved will be identified as virus and it will be deleted by your Antivirus. If your antivirus doesn't work properly, the file you saved will not be identified as virus.