Hi folks, coming again with another Google Chrome extension. Generally what browsers do? Browsers save our entire information like saved password, browsing history, download history, auto-fill form data, and cache. And this data could be easily viewed by anyone who uses your computer.
Now main question arise, how to protect these data?

If you want to protect all these data in Google Chrome then you can do it easily with the help of a add on.

OK, let’s have a look on it.
  • Download the extension from here.
  • Click the Install button.
  • After installing the extension click wrench icon at the top right corner and go to Tools then Extensions.
  • Now click on option, you find it just below on Simple Startup Password Extension.
  • Enter the login password.
  • That’s all. Now close the browser and open the Google Chrome browser again. See what happen? First it asks for login password. If you put the wrong password then the browser will close.

If you want to change the password then go to wrench icon > Tools > Extensions > Simple Startup Password > Options. Then change the password and click on Save.
You can install this extension in Google Chrome as well as Torch Browser (Download Torch Browser)

Note: Please do not forget the password. There is no option for recover the password. You’ll have to re-install the browser again. 


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