Junk email is often known as Spam. Spam can clog up email inbox-es and is particularly annoying for dial up Internet users who have to wait for junk emails to download slowly. One of the easiest ways to overcome the problem is to install spam-filtering software such as MailWasher. MailWasher is a program to help you get rid of spam and viruses in your e-mail. MailWasher allows you to preview all aspects of your e-mail on the server before you download it to your computer, then protecting you from spam, viruses, phishing attacks and other nuisances. You can then delete unwanted e-mail before it gets to you. Other features help identify and protect you against viruses and worms.
You can download it from below mirror.

Mirror 1

Let’s have a look on its features:
Delete: You can delete unwanted emails before you download to your computer. You’ll be able to see who the email is from, the subject and attachment. 
Preview: You can easily preview the message in your email before downloading it to your computer.
Anti-Spam Tools: Comprehensive anti-spam tools ranging from your personal friends list and blacklist, customizable filters, external blcklists, Bayesian spam filtering which quickly learns to distinguish your spam and good email and email virus filtering.
Recycle Bin: If you accidently delete an email, you can restore it back to your email account (Pro Version Only).


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